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AMAKS Hotels&Resorts chain of hotels and Resorts — we combine hotels and sanatoriums
in Russia and the Republic of Belarus

Today, AMAKS Hotels&Resorts is one of the largest hotel and sanatorium chains in Russia, dynamically expanding its geographical coverage and improving the quality of service. The doors of AMAKS hotels are open to guests of resort towns and major business centers of the country. The hotels and resorts of our network have uniform corporate standards of hotel service. It offers comfortable rooms, Russian and European cuisine from experienced chefs, professional organization of festive and business events.

AMAKS Hotels&Resorts has been successfully operating in the field of real estate management for more than 20 years. Under the AMAKS brand, business hotels, tourist complexes and resorts of Russia and Belarus with more than 7 thousandth total number of rooms are collected. The company also operates business centers and office and warehouse complexes.

The basis of the AMAKS Hotels&Resorts network consists of the most popular 3-star class hotels on the Russian market with uniform service standards and a federal brand. In addition to a comfortable stay, AMAKS hotels offer guests conference services, as well as various types of entertainment and leisure. Today, the company's hotels have more than 60 conference venues, 40 restaurants, its own pastry shops, billiard clubs, bowling, as well as nightclubs and fitness centers.

The dynamic development of the company is associated with the introduction of technologies for standardization and automation of facilities. A centralized hotel management system and a modern CRM system allowed AMAKS Hotels&Resorts to organize a unified sales policy and significantly increase the profitability of facilities.

AMAKS Hotels&Resorts is actively investing in the development of the chain's hotels. By diversifying the investment portfolio, the company is actively developing the resort area. In the long—term plans of AMAKS Hotels&Resorts - the implementation of the IPO. This will not only attract new investments and increase the liquidity of capital, but also give an objective assessment of the company's market value.

"Reputation must be earned" is the unspoken motto of the AMAKS network. The company is not engaged in advertising promotion of the brand, investing resources in the reconstruction of facilities and improving the level of professional training. Directors, managers and line staff of the network hone their skills at the AMAKS Hotel University school and at European training centers.

Today, the management company AMAKS Hotels&Resorts, hotels and hotels of the chain employs more than 6,000 employees.

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