Corporate Program #ECOAMAKS

Conscious consumption is not just a trend, but a lifestyle and philosophy of human thought. The hotel chain AMAKS Hotels & Resorts has developed and implemented its own Corporate Program #ECOAMAKS.
We realize how much the activities of even one hotel, laundry, restaurant or business center affect the environment, and when there are 30 of them?
The purpose of the #ECOAMAKS program is to mitigate the impact of our activities on the environmental environment. All hotels and resorts of the AMAKS Hotels & Resorts chain participate in this multilateral work.

The program includes the following areas:
  • A complete ban on the use of poisons, acids and chemicals in work that have a harmful effect on the environment and human health. The use of eco-friendly professional detergents for cleaning rooms, public spaces, washing dishes, washing clothes. The use of cosmetics with dispensers;
  • Separate collection and disposal of garbage. The use of waste-free technologies. Collection of waste paper, batteries, hazardous waste;
  • Reduction of food waste. Rational planning of food expenses by training chefs, buyers and preparing a menu for the guests' diet. The use of modern equipment and advanced technologies for food storage. Disposal of food waste by composting.
  • Saving water. Use of aerators on water cranes;
  • Energy saving. The use of special equipment: electrical breakers, motion sensors, presence. The use of energy-saving LED lamps;
  • Planting of green spaces. It is held annually in the spring and autumn periods on the territories of the facilities;
  • The use of vehicles only of Euro 4 standards. Gradual transition to the Euro 5 standard and electric vehicles. Purchase of locally produced products that do not require long-term transportation.
  • Use of towels. Most guests at the hotel reuse towels at least once during their stay. This allows you to save and protect water resources from contamination with detergents.
  • We save paper. Guests use napkins from an automatic dispenser. Piece-by-piece delivery guarantees maximum compliance with hygiene rules and optimal paper consumption.