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AMAKS Hotel Azov, Azov

Early booking
It has become more profitable to plan trips in advance with AMAKS Hotel Azov! For all guests booking a hotel 10 days before the trip, we give a 10% discount!

The weekend rate in AMAKS
Business trip rate
The "Night" tariff
Are you looking for a place where you can stay overnight and not overpay for the whole day?
The promotion is valid from 01.01.2024 to 12/31/2024.
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Birthday party at AMAKS Azov Hotel
The promotion is valid from 01.01.2024 to 12/31/2024.
The "Wedding" tariff

AMAKS Congress Hotel, Belgorod

The tariff is military for its own
The tariff can be used only by guests who have documented their affiliation (active, in reserve) to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, military pensioners, etc. (additional questions can be asked directly to the hotel administrator). Passport data is required.
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Parking as a gift
By popular request of our guests, the "Free Parking" PROMOTION is valid for hotel guests until December 31, 2024.
* Exception: bulky and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as guest vehicles for group arrivals (not agreed upon in contractual and contractual relations).

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Children's party at the AMAKS restaurant
If you are still deciding where to spend children's holidays in Belgorod, then feel free to come to the AMAKS restaurant!

phone: +7 (4722) 50-99-09
e-mail: [email protected]
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20% discount from 12:00 to 18:00 daily
(we work around the clock)
Conferences with benefits for you!

Holding events at the AMAKS Congress Hotel is now even more profitable!

• rent of small halls,
from 5 hours or more - 1000 rubles/hour.

• rent a large hall,
from 5 hours or more - 2000 rubles/hour.

Phone: +7 (4722) 50-99-96
e-mail: [email protected]

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AMAKS for sport!
AMAKS Congress Hotel in Belgorod offers special accommodation conditions for groups of athletes and not only!

The promotion applies to all room categories.

phone: +7 (4722) 50-99-96
e-mail: [email protected]
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AMAKS Premier Hotel, Bobruisk

Long stay
Long-term stays are even more enjoyable now! We offer comfortable accommodation from 14 days at a special rate of "Long stay".
A special rate is provided for a stay of 14 days or more, on prepayment and is non-refundable.
Weekend rate
The "Supercoach" tariff
If you have planned a visit to Bobruisk on official business - come to us!
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Wedding proposal
Dear newlyweds, we will be happy to organize for you one of the brightest and most wonderful events of your life. Spend this day at the AMAKS Premier Hotel, Bobruisk
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AMAKS for sport!
AMAKS Premier Hotel in Bobruisk offers special accommodation conditions for groups of athletes and not only.
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The "CULTURAL" tariff
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Hotel Valdai dawns, Valdai

Group accommodation of sports teams and creative teams
We will arrange accommodation and meals for your group on favorable terms.
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The "Successful business trip" tariff
Accommodation in a Standard 2-bed room (1 bed).
- Breakfast,
- Dinner,
- Parking,
- Accounting documents.
* The promotion is valid until 12/30/2024, except weekends and holidays.
A discount from the standard room rate is guaranteed if you stay at the hotel for no more than 24 hours!
Breakfast is included in the price!
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Organization of excursions
Coming to Valdai for a day or more, you will visit such a beautiful and significant place as the Iversky Monastery.
The rate includes accommodation and an excursion to the monastery.
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Immerse yourself in the history of Valdai
A tariff with an included voucher for visiting the Bell Center and the Museum of the County Town.
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RELAX rate
The price includes accommodation, breakfast and general body massage.

AMAKS Hotel Russia, Novgorod the Great

Tariff without breakfast
Book a room of any category without breakfast included at a bargain price.
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Give your loved ones new impressions!
Gift certificates for accommodation in AMAKS "Russia"
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AMAKS Golden Ring, Vladimir

Extend your weekend!
Do you dream that the weekend will never end? We will make it possible! We offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy an additional day of rest with a special discount!
By booking a room for Friday and Saturday, you will receive a 50% discount on accommodation on Sunday.
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Health complex promotions
We invite you to the Eden wellness complex. It offers a Finnish sauna, a small swimming pool, an "ice shower", a cozy relaxation room with the necessary furniture. There is a hall with American billiards, as well as a separate room with a Jacuzzi.
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An hour of the conference is a gift
Special offer to all organizers of business meetings, trainings, and other events.
The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
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Romantic vacation
Share your romantic day with your loved one.
The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
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The certificate is the best gift!
Can't you choose a gift? Does it seem to you that he already has everything? This problem is solvable! A gift certificate can come to the rescue.
The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
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Express Fare
The AMAKS Golden Ring Hotel in Vladimir has prepared a special offer for those who are not used to staying in one place, for those who need a little rest during the day or evening.
Photo shoot in the room
Save the best moments of your life not only in memory, but also in photos. They will be an excellent illustration to your memories.
The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
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AMAKS Park Hotel, Voronezh

Group booking
A unique rate for accommodation, thanks to which accommodation will not only be comfortable, but also profitable! 

The offer is valid until 12/31/2024
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Accommodation services in installments
Take advantage of the favorable offer from AMAKS Park Hotel Voronezh and Sovcombank PJSC.
The offer is valid until 12/31/2024 
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The campaign "Travel along the M4 Don"
Welcome to the fascinating route along the M4 highway "Don"!
Now you can go on a trip with an additional 10% discount using our promo code.

The offer is valid until 30.09.2024
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Business trip rate
We are pleased to present you our special travel plan, designed to meet all your needs and preferences!
The offer is valid until 12/31/2024

Become a member of the loyalty program "AMAKS Hotels&Resorts"!
Join the loyalty program of the AMAKS Hotels & Resorts network and become a member of the AMAKS LOYALTY CLUB!

AMAKS Visit Hotel, Gomel

Banquet in installments
Great news! In our cafe "Alliance" you can order any banquet
in INSTALLMENTS for 3 months ! NO OVERPAYMENTS! (according to the Cardfun from BPS-Sberbank).

The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
Wedding offer from AMAKS "Visit-hotel"!
The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
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With sports in life!

AMAKS "Visit-Hotel" offers an exclusive special offer for sports organizations and all sports lovers. 

The promotion is valid until its cancellation.

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Business trip
We have prepared a unique offer for business travelers.

The promotion is valid until its cancellation.
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AMAKS Central, Izhevsk

Singing fountains
By booking a room at the AMAKS Tsentralnaya Hotel, you can admire the "singing fountain" located near the hotel, on the Central Square. To take advantage of the promotion, tell the booking department manager the promo code "Singing Fountain".
Early booking
If you are absolutely sure of your plans, use the "Early booking is PROFITABLE!" tariff

*the promotion is valid until 12/31/2024.